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Your training is our business; we at the Dynamics Training Ltd would like to see the result has reached your expectation after the completion of training. We will give you the most honest suggestion on how you invest your people wisely. From our experience, why people change their behaviors is usually because of people able to see the value of application for them. There is an old saying that “what is in it for me” represent what and why we do things from our heart.


Our training program focus on just above that, distributed training method is applied to allow time for participants to practice the newly learned skills at their workplace. When people see the benefits of using the newly acquired skills, they are motivated to keep applying them.






A 2 days module can be divided into 4 half day session. It can be arranged at 4-7 pm. Participant and organization both contribute some of their time and their daily work and operation is expected not to be affected too much.


At the end of each session, participants will begin to prepare for the implementation in the coming week, and how they will use the newly acquired skills in the work place. At the beginning of next session, participant will share their experience with all others to reinforce their learning.


Sales Dynamics

Sales Dynamics

> Become strategic and win more appointments

> Communicate effectively with key players

> Handle objections and eventually close more sales


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Leader Dynamics

Leader Dynamics


> Maximize the performance of team and others with implementation of corporate mission and values.

> Apply the day-to-day interpersonal skills at all levels for leading individuals or groups and the boarder

> Create and maintain a high-performance workplace and workforce


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